Dishes from Calabria
In our restaurant you can taste national, international and local recipes.
It sounds weird, but despite Calabria region is one of the hottest in Italy, we have a cuisine based on very strong flavors.
Red chily pepper and "Red Onion from Tropea" (mainly produced in Capo Vaticano) are the most commonly used ingredients.
As a part of the appetizers served you can find local salami, like "soppressata" and "capicollo", that are good to open a meal of meat. The "Nduja from Spilinga" needs a special mention, it is a particular sausage caracterized by very finely ground meat and very much hot pepper (it's only for people who love to eat spicy!).
Red Onion From Tropea   Nduja from Spilinga   Red pepper from Calabria
In a land where the sea it's definitely the key element, with a wide coastal extension, the dishes based on fish deserve a great interest.
The tuna and the swordfish are only an example of Calabria's ittical offer, in our sea are catched amberjacks, snappers, basses and others elite catches that will fill your plates. In the Ionian are higly sougth whitebait in oil or fried in batter.
But the real speciality it's the stockfish preparation, tipical of Cittanova, famous for its water, that give a unique taste to this product of the cod.
Red Tuna Whitebait
The pig and the goat are the most bred livestock and are widely used in cuisine, always flavored with lot of black pepper, red pepper and fennel seeds.
In Calabria you can taste also  the less valuable parts of the pig, for example the liver, cooked with lot of onion, the belly and the pork rind, boiled with beans and peas.
The pasta it's really important in our local cuisine and the most famous variety it's "fileja", flavored with pork ragout or nduja or tomato, aubergines and mozzarella.
Fileja with pork ragout and cheese from Monte Poro




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